How do you become a member of Compton YouthBuild?

To begin the member application process:

1.     Attend a mandatory information meeting usually held on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm

2.     Call 310-631-2000 to confirm time and date

3.     Complete an application packet and submit all required documentation

4.     Interview with Compton YouthBuild staff

5.     Complete Mental Toughness Orientation (MTO)

6.     Final interview with a Director

Once you complete the application process and have been accepted into Compton YouthBuild (CYB) as a member, you may enroll in the high school diploma program with our partner, YouthBuild Charter School of CA (YCSC).  Additionally, you may be co-enrolled in other community partner programs for additional benefits.

Compton YouthBuild in partnership with YouthBuild Charter School of CA does not charge for their educational services.  Compton YouthBuild has a required uniform policy, which involves a minimal cost.